Psalm 20:7

Psalm 20:7
Narrative Lectionary 124


Some take prideA in chariotsB and some in horses,C

Notes on verse 7a

A “take pride” = zakar. This is to remember, to mark something so that it can be recalled, to be mindful of, to mention.
B “chariots” = rekeb. From rakab (to ride an animal or in some vehicle; also, bringing on a horse). This is a vehicle, wagon, or chariot. It can be cavalry or an individual rider.
C “horses” = sus. Root may mean to skip as in jump for joy. This is a crane or a swift bird. It is also a horse as leaping.

    but our pride is in the nameD of the LordE our God.F

Notes on verse 7b

D “name” = shem. May be from sum (to put, place, set). This is name, fame, renown. A name was thought to indicate something essential about a person – something about their individuality. So, this word can also mean honor, authority, or character.
E “Lord” = YHVH. From havah (to be, become) or hayah (to come to pass, become, be). This is the name of the God of Israel, the self-existent and eternal one, the tetragrammaton. This pronunciation has been lost to time so “Lord” is generally used in its place.
F “God” = Elohim.

Image credit: “The Pharaon Tutankhamun destroying his enemies” – artist unknown, circa 1327 BCE. Photo by Yann Forget, 2014.

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