A Litany for Coming Together Again

Gracious God, we have been in the wilderness – so far from what felt like home, so far from what felt familiar
Yet, in your steadfast love you have kept us connected to one another and to you.
We have each felt loss and grief, pain and uncertainty in this sojourn
Yet, today you have shown us a light of hope.
We celebrate the joy of worshipping together again, of seeing cherished faces, of hearing voices unfiltered by technology
Yet, each of us have walked a different path these many days. Some have scarcely left home and find their joy tempered by anxiety and fear. Others have moved freely for months and already learned the dance of embracing at a distance, of welcoming at arm’s length.
Help us to see and hear each other’s needs – to join together in ways that keep us all safe and sound.
Grant as grace and patience with ourselves and with one another. Merciful God, give us the strength and the courage to make it through the final steps of this wilderness wandering with faith and hope and trust in you. Amen

Image credit: “Aerial view of Makhtesh Ramon (Hebrew: מכתש רמון), in the Negev Desert, Israel” by Andrew Shiva, 2013.

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