We Gather ‘Round

An Advent Candle Lighting Song

Tune: THE FIRST NOWELL, Anonymous, 1833
Lyrics by Rev. Elana Keppel Levy, 2020

1. [Hope] We gather ‘round in hope and faith
Looking for the savior for whom we pray.
We pray that we will see him near
Bringing forth life and justice for all in fear.

Refrain: The candles glow, showing us God’s light / Calling us forward, united in Christ.

2. [Peace] We gather ‘round so weary for peace
Hearing anger and distrust that will not cease –
Not cease ‘til the day we reach out with grace
And see each as God’s child for us to embrace.

3. [Joy] We gather ‘round celebrating our joy
Thanking God for the mercies You daily employ.
We may sin and fall away – from the path we may roam,
but you tenderly guide us and welcome us home.

4. [Love] We gather ‘round with love in our hearts
Seeking blessings for all though we’re so far apart
Apart, but in God’s great mystery
We are joined in a love that is flowing and free.

5. [Christ] We gather ‘round to worship the child
Whose miraculous life helps us be reconciled.
Reconciled with God and with each other, too.
In his glory he brings us a life that’s renewed.

Image credit: “Advent Wreath” by Matti Blume, 2015.

I hope this music is useful in your church! Like everything I provide here on So Much Bible, it is under a creative commons license, which means you can use it as long as you attribute me, and don’t sell it.

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